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​​Diane Bauso

Diane is our Head of School and has been teaching Elementary children in the Montessori classroom for 25 years. Her Master’s Degree is interdisciplinary in both Psychology and Special Education. Her thesis focused upon Alternative Educational Programs for Exceptional Children. Diane also holds certification in “Family Development” through Cornell University. After working in the Montessori classroom for several years, Diane began her formal Montessori training at CME (Center for Montessori Education) at the College of New Rochelle, New York. For 3 years, she participated in the Summer Internship Program for Primary Certification, ages 3-6. Diane then received her Lower  Montessori Elementary certification through the North American Montessori Center in November 2006. She received her Upper Elementary Certification in 2016. Diane is a member of the American Montessori Society, Association Montessori International and the International Montessori Council. She remains dedicated to providing ongoing training to all of the CMMS teachers and support staff in the Montessori theory, methods and curriculum to ensure authentic Montessori practices are followed at all times.  Diane also enjoys leading the children through weekly Pilates, Yoga and Meditation sessions.

Diane Bauso

Head of School

Primary, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary Directress


Janine Kloiber

Janine wears many hats at Creative Minds Montessori! Born and raised in Germany, Janine has been living in Auburn for 14 years.

She holds a degree in early childhood education from the Fröbelseminar in Kassel, Germany as well as a masters degree in social work and social education from the University in Kassel. During her studies, she focused on helping children and adults to relax and thrive through creative activities. Janine has eight years classroom experience as an early childhood educator, one year experience as a preschool directress and 25 years of experience as an art teacher/ craft instructor (silk painting, paper making, mixed art, jewelry making, origami…) for different age groups.

Janine is a passionate crafter who loves to share. While crafting with children she fosters process–focused art. This year, Janine will also teach weekly German lessons for our full day students. Janine is a Montessori Certified Primary Directress and is a member of the American Montessori Society, as well as, the Association Montessori International.

Janine Kloiber

Lead Primary Directress

Art/German Directress

Thomas "Tom" Beaulieu

Tom is our Music Director and is currently giving Ukulele Lessons to our Lower and Upper Elementary students. Each week he guides the students through tuning, strumming patterns, melody, hand coordination, reading music (TAB and traditional notation), fingerstyle and chords. Tom works individually with students, as well as, whole group performances.

Tom Beaulieu

Music Director

Lower/Upper Elementary

Karlene Pascarella

Karlene has a dual role at Creative Minds Montessori. She has been our Culinary Directress for 2 years, guiding Primary, Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary through nutritional education, measuring, time tracking, food and equipment handling, meal preparation, and so much more! This year, Karlene is also working as a Primary Aide and is beginning her training in the Primary Environment.

Karlene Pascarella

Culinary Directress

Primary Aide


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